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The quiet town of Waldorf, Maryland is located in Charles County, an area with historic sites. Waldorf is just 30 minutes away from Washington, DC and very near Andrews Air Force Base. Historically, Waldorf was the home of Dr. Samuel Mudd.

If you remember your American history, Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd treated injuries that John Wilkes Booth sustained after he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Dr. Mudd was accused of conspiring with Booth and he was arrested. However, Dr. Mudd was given a pardon by President Andrew Johnson but his records were never expunged.

Waldorf, Maryland during its early history was a rural farming area with tobacco as its largest industry. Waldorf appeared to be a little sleepy area that harbored the hard working and the scoundrels. The small area of Port Tobacco in Waldorf housed Indians, colonists, missionaries, slaves, spies, farmers, revolutionaries, assassins, merchants, and individuals of interest.

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