How Does the Solar Cooler Work and Its Understanding

Solar cooler is an electronic device that functions as an air conditioner, which is also able to moisturize the air through the evaporation process. The solar cooler can cool the air, and reduce the air temperature to about 5 ° Celsius. This tool can be called as a cooler substitute of the fan. On the other hand, an solar cooler can be an alternative or supporting AC (air conditioner). Now you understand a little about what an solar cooler is, but let’s discuss it further so that you understand what an solar cooler really is.

It should be emphasized that the solar cooler is not the same as AC (air conditioner), so that in function of course the solar cooler cannot replace AC (air conditioner). To find out the difference between an solar cooler and an air conditioner, please read the next article.

Solar coolers have a small size, and … Read more