7 Savings Ways to Make a Minimalist Home Remodeling Budget

Hasil gambar untuk 7 Cara Hemat Membuat Anggaran Renovasi Rumah Minimalis

Keep in mind, home renovation requires substantial funds, even more expensive than buying a new home. Making a budget plan is indeed a bit complicated. You must pay attention to the details of each aspect in order to reduce the cost of renovation.

The correct order of the cost for home renovation is to design, detail material, work plans, building standards, and details of the responsibilities of each aspect. After that, also calculate the volume of work, list of labor wages, and analysis of items of responsibility.

Then, How to Make a Home Remodeling Budget?

If you have a limited budget, you can follow the 7 economical ways to make the following budget for renovating a house like H City Sawangan.

# 1 Create Planning

The first and foremost step when making a renovation plan is to choose an architect. Once the design of the house already exists, it’s time to calculate the funding requirements according to the building specifications and the material to be use. If there are no architects, discuss it with a building expert.

# 2 Create Agreement

Will you use a contractor for home renovation? Don’t forget to make a written agreement so that there is a clear working relationship. In the employment agreement, explain the scope of work, responsibilities, plan work time and costs.

# 3 Create a Priority Scale

See which part of the house needs renovation immediately. If adding a bedroom is a priority, then prioritize the work. Don’t be temp to renovate another part of the house because it can make the budget swollen.

# 4 Hire Professional and Solid People

Instead of losing, it is better to employ people who are experts in their fields and ready to be responsible for all the details of the development project. These workers are included in the painting, fencing, landscape, kitchen assembly, tile work, and so on.

# 5 Use Materials That Can Still Be Used But Still Quality

During home renovations, use old building materials that can still be used. So you don’t need to buy new materials because there are still decent old ingredients. This can be a form of savings. But if it’s not there, make sure you buy quality ingredients but the price can be negotiated. Even though the cost is rather expensive but the home’s security will be more guaranteed for 10 or 20 years.

# 6 Request a Three-Month Warranty

After the renovation is complete, the contractor usually gives a three-month guarantee. During that time, if the homeowner feels anomalies, the contractor must make repairs. For example, the installation of tiles is uneven, the roof of the house is still leaking, one of the water pipes is install, until the walls of the house are peeling off.


# 7 Save with Creative Ideas and DIY Furniture

Make your creativity come true through DIY furniture that will decorate the house. Do it yourself furniture will save you a lot of money and a minimalist home can be more beautiful and beautiful even if you use economical materials.

Time to Prepare Funds!

If the cost for renovation is clear, then prepare funds for home renovations. Make your house more beautiful and make your resolution happen!