5 Tips For The Perfect Loft Conversion

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Assess the space

What you can do with your loft conversion will generally depend on how much space you have. For example, if you’re looking to turn it into a home office, there needs to be enough room for you to stand up straight and move around comfortably. Lofts with approximately 2.5 metres of headspace are fine for pretty much any kind of conversion, including an office or extra bedroom. If there’s much less space, you can still convert into a children’s play area, freeing up a spare room inside the house.

Get planning permission

Generally speaking, loft conversions don’t require planning permission. This varies from county to county, but all need varying degrees of permission. Loft conversions in Surrey need licenses that comply with local regulations as the area has many protected buildings which means certain additional legalities have to be undertaken.

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Reasons to Hire a Retail Reasons to Hire a Retail Interior Designer

If you are opening a new business, you might be overwhelmed with all of the work that goes into the process. You most focus on your actual business products and advertising. You might not have much time to devote to the actual design of your retail space. However, this is an important aspect of your business, and it deserves your attention. Therefore, if you don’t have the time needed, or even if you do but you don’t have any interior design experience, you should definitely consider hiring a retail interior designer. There are a variety of different reasons to do so.


Money Savings

You might be surprised to learn that you will probably save money by hiring a retail designer. This is because you will be saved from spending too much for items. Your designer knows how much each piece should cost and will make sure that you do … Read more