Mariko has an $80 : 1$ scale-drawing of the ground plan of her house. On the ground plan, the dimensions of her rectangular front room are $1 \frac78$ inches by $2 \frac12$ inches.

Mister and Missus Lewis bought their palatial pad at 834 Fifth Avenue in 1992 from automotive govt John Delorean who had acquired the residence from Gregg Dodge Moran, a showgirl turned socialite who married into the Detroit Dodges and who reportedly paid simply $225,000 for the residence. Missus Dodge Moran, it could amuse the children to know, briefly owned the 23,000 square foot Dunnellen Hall in Greenwich, CT, the one-time estate of the Queen of Imply Leona Helmsley that was offered in 2010 for $35,000,000 to an unknown purchaser.

Mister Barnes and his man-good friend Joseph Cunningham have fairly properly filled the residence with a thoughtfully curated (and no-doubt hidjously expensively) collection of Arts and Crafts hoozygoozies and whatchamacallits and the furniture is almost all beautiful Mission style stuff that Your Mama imagines to be pedigreed, papered and museum high quality.

Designed by Luciano Kruk/BAK Arquitectos, this home is positioned in Mar Azul, Argentina. Situated within the forest, the architects took benefit of the pine trees, using the fabric as a platform to protect the surroundings. Giant entrance home windows permit for daylight, while a water tank collects rainwater and concrete provides a sound insulation. The interior makes use of recycled Canadian pinewood to additional stress sustainability.

I imagine that the brokers are debating whether to stage the residences for sale, or to protect them as-is for their historical interest (the floorplans appear to indicate little or no recent reworking, obviously). With their price and its co-op board, it isn’t like they’re going to get a variety of lookie-loos; recent experiences appear to point the Chinese language in the lead of investing in Manhattan real estate, albeit mostly business properties.