Going Back To The Similar Place

If you are an experienced or superior lucid dreamer, you should have had dreams that appear to take you back to the same locations sort of like a dream deja vu.

The dreamer was a superb pupil. She studied marketing, and she was a secretary. She labored with her brother for a couple of years, however then she found a greater place in one other company, which promised more. Nevertheless, with the global disaster the company lost many customers and it stopped growing. Cecilia is afraid to lose her job. She can also be afraid that she will not be paid as a result of the company has many debits. Because of this she is on the lookout for a new job in her space.

i needed to let everyone know back round 2005 or so i had a dream about the white horse driving. i didn’t understand the dream as a result of for over a yr after i had it i thought it was Jesus on the horse. then i read revelations and realized it was the white horse of the apocalypse. the horse rode on the land and it didn’t have other horses with it. it was a very surrealistic dream. it was one of many first non secular dreams i had and have had many since then. i imagine we’re within the tribulation and have been suffering the start pains, i know i’ve had rather more struggles within the final 7 yrs than ever before. the spirit of the anti-christ is here.

For example, there are a lot of scenes right here which properly stress the gulf between idealized self and actual life, good life vs. shattered life. We see it in the d├ęcor of the home, which zips back and forth between wanting idyllic and dilapidated. We can see it in Will himself, who changes hair-dos and trend sense at any time when he becomes Peter. This is an fascinating conceit, and but the movie does not actually want to go together with it. It could somewhat inform a The Fugitive (1993)-styled story of a person falsely accused of murder than the story of a person who, by necessity of psychological trauma, grew to become two people.

Me & my family was in a house that caught a fireplace we had entry to get out of the house so we wouldn’t die however we selected to remain in the home then swiftly the fire stopped I wasn’t working on the time but my husband was a truck driver anyway after the fireplace stopped my husband went to work like nothing simply occurred, then I wakened & did not even attempt to go back to sleep.