Hmong Superstition, Beliefs, And Dreams

If a hen flies into your private home, it’s unhealthy luck, or a foul sign. You could name a shaman to repair it. Or if doable, catch it and cook dinner it for dinner.

Hi! I just had a dream earlier that my husband is speaking along with his man buddy and he informed the guy that we are now not collectively. Suddenly i wakened after that dream and i used to be considering why i dreamed like that. Me and my husband are still together but we are in a protracted distance because he is working in different country.

I had dream last night about bees. I noticed that there was beehive in my residence and someone hit these beehives. I noticed that those bees began chasing me and so they chunk me in legs and arms. Then i knew the right way to eliminate these bees. I used to be additionally concerned about the bees and was joyful that i acquired bitten. Now i’ve extra immune power increased.

I’ve been having a lot of goals of dying or loss of life and even scary goals since I turned pregnant. I have a sense its a foul signal however is it bad for my baby? I might name a shaman but I am Christian so I cant do that. Additionally, oddly I had a dream that I gave start to my child however it was a horse?! lol what may that probably mean?!

A thought occured to me right now that reminded me of this hub. I am going to most likely have to write down a hub about it. Speaking strictly as a bible-believing conservative christian now.. The bible clearly documents that God spoke to a lot of people in dreams, not simply those who worshiped Him or revered Him. In actual fact, He spoke to His opponents in dreams.