How To Choose The Right Painting Contractor

Painting contractors who are professionals and know what they are doing are difficult to find. Be it your home or place of business, a painting company that you choose to paint can either enhance the property value or devalue it. Do you want to increase the value of your property? Do you want your home or place of business to reflect your personality positively? If yes, then choosing the right Calgary painting company can make all the difference. Let us explore further to know how to choose the right painting contractor.

What you need to consider when choosing the right painting contractor?

  1. Do a thorough research:

This is one of the most important initial steps that you need to follow to get hold of the right painting contractor. Since we all have access to the internet, it is easier to research information on line. Look for reviews and ratings. Though this may be hyped or scammed, look for customer support offered. How long have they been in the industry, has the contractor responded to queries, has an issue been resolved and was it resolved on time, how accessible are they, any regrets or complaints recorded? Doing research thoroughly will help you weed out the bad guys.

  1. Verify:

Check to see if they are licensed and certified and if they have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation (BBB not necessary though). Check if they can provide you a copy of license.

  1. Availability:

The painting contractor should be available at convenient hours and easily available. Nowadays, most of the calls are handled by call center personnel making it almost impossible to reach the owner. Always talk to the owner of the business because he is the one who is taking your money and he is personally responsible for all outcomes. If for any reason you are not able to reach him or talk to him then just look for the next contractor, plain and simple.

  1. Visit Office:

It is a sensible idea to visit the painting contractor’s office premises. Get to know the staff working there. Get customer references and check if the customers are genuinely happy with the contractor’s services or not. You should probe as much as possible to get more information.

  1. Compare:

Shortlist at least 3 or 4 painting companies and compare prices, materials used, methods used, post service details and payment details.

  1. Payments :

Check if the payment terms are suitable for you. Some contractors ask for huge sums as down payment which is against the rules of The Registrar of Contractors, you can check their website for payment information. Always make the last payment after the job is done satisfactorily.

  1. Materials used:

Painting contractors should use high quality paint that is durable, cost effective and environment friendly. Check to see if the contractor you have decided to use adheres to this or not. Look for contractors who believe in minimal wastage.

  1. Trial run:

Before handing over your entire house to paint, ask for a trial run of paint to ascertain if the contractor is good in his job or not. You can do a patch test on part of a wall and see if it is quality work. If you are satisfied, then you can go ahead.

  1. Pre, current and Post services:

What are the pre, current and post services offered by the painting contractor? What are the arrangements made, what are the precautions taken, what are the additional inputs or outputs required to fulfill the job, what are the post services or arrangements made, Is there a warranty of job done and for how long etc. ?

  1. Before Signing contract:

Read the agreed terms and conditions twice before signing up the deal. If there are any issues, make those changes in writing and then go ahead. Some promises are made off-hand, see to it that they are also mentioned in the contract to avoid problems later on.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you find the best painting company and contractor for your home or place of business. Remember that painting is a long term affair and people generally paint their houses maybe once in 7 to 8 years. This involves expenses, time, lots of work and daily adjustments. Prepare yourself for some inconveniences that may arise due to this.

Though the process of finding the right painting contractor may be daunting, it is worthwhile. Building rapport with the contractor helps in the long run. Keep inspecting from time to time while the job is in progress to ensure that the work is done perfectly. Remember how we behave when our bosses are not around, it is the same here too, so stick around for better results!!

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