I Needed Dining Chairs for My New Table

My husband and I love to go to estate sales. When we went to one last month, we really hit the jackpot. I had been looking for a new dining room table along with some end tables for the living room. My husband was looking for some tools for his garage, and we were able to get almost everything we wanted at that sale for great prices. While the dining room table did come with dining chairs, I did not like them at all. You would think that a table and chairs would match perfectly, but these did not.

I suspected that the owner had probably purchased the chairs separately, hoping to get them to match well enough because I could tell from the estate sale that she had impeccable taste. Even though I did not want the chairs, I purchased the entire dining set and gave the chairs to a local store that depends on charitable donations for its surplus. I then went online to look at different chairs for the dining room table. I really did not know what I wanted, but I knew that I would recognize it as soon as I saw it.

I found a company that has so many different kinds of dining room chairs, and I loved how I was able to filter my search to just what I wanted. I was able to filter by pr ice, color and material. I put in the options I liked, and there were 45 different chairs for me to look at. When I came across a Herringbone grey chair, I knew that it was the one. It matches perfectly, and the price was definitely right. I won’t have to buy chairs again for a long time, but I will definitely let my friends know about this site should any of them need chairs of their own.