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Lawrence, I am sorry, I didn’t describe my home very clearly. The house has conventional square partitions with domed roofs fabricated from concrete. The house was poured in 3 ½ items. Where each unit joins, there’s a seam and on every seam is a French drain. Nonetheless, the seams are cracking under the French Drains. We are hoping to repay the loan quickly and dig this up and seal the cracks beneath the French drains and set up a brand new pores and skin IF it isn’t too expensive. In any other case we will have to abandon the house. We have tried epoxy, but it hasn’t helped. Thank you for your comment and ideas.

And some of them are on the market. Beneath, you’ll find descriptions of several Irish castles in the marketplace. Perhaps your creativeness will run wild with these pictures and particulars and you’ll all of a sudden keep in mind that you have a rich uncle. Perhaps you’ll merely sigh and store up this data for a later day. Whatever the final result, I hope you’ll take pleasure in.

Admittedly, it is hypothesis, however so is every other opinion expressed here. No one is aware of anything concerning the when and why the site was constructed, not to mention how. The when aspect of the story is the most important, and that’s the hardest piece of the puzzle to unravel. Soon, we will be able to measure ‘patina’ on stone to a date sure of + or – 500 years. When that happens, the argument then can deal with WHO, HOW, and WHY.

The highest piece will be closed to present a extra streamlined look when not in use if your kitchen is in view of your living area. And it opens up to reveal built-in attributes like hidden counterspace, a lot of drawers, wine storage, an additional pull-out chopping board, a utensil rod, plus dishtowel racks on the side for easy entry.