Small Tales

They had been the winners of the luxuriously furnished, custom-built, three,600 square-foot home located in beautiful Sonoma, California, AND a 2009 GMC Acadia. There’s even a Doggy Dream Dwelling. This prize package deal is worth more than 2 million dollars!

The colour yellow carries each optimistic and unfavorable connotations, depending upon the theme or context of the dream. Positively, seeing yellow in a dream could recommend happiness and pleasure, agility, concord, knowledge, energy and the mind. If the dream is disagreeable in nature, seeing yellow can symbolize shame, deceit, shame, betrayal, cowardice and sickness or sickness.

I like your designs, I sent you a message regarding a house that we are planning to construct on our small lot, jerry’s house is really nice. Low value but has some taste of luxury, our lot is simply round 97sqm corner lot, I dont know the way to place our home, whether or not to build it as a home with two level or built a two unit townhouse, contemplating that i can have the opposite one rented while my household lives within the other house, which is actually sensible for me. Want some assist. thanks. and extra energy.

I dreamed that I made out with my sisters husband within the broad daylight in a car parking zone. It lead to extra issues and we ha sex in the car, afterwards he advised me to not really feel so bad about it that it was merely revenge, I asked did he use me and he says no I like you & your sister,but I’ve always wished you.!!! What the heck is that this? I woke up feeling so responsible.

Dams are a somewhat direct symbol indicating the dreamer is repressing feelings that need to be expressed. This is not pure and can’t be sustained. If it continues over time, the dam finally will burst as a result of the repression, avoidance, and compartmentalizing of emotions just isn’t an efficient strategy to handle emotions. This technique of emotional regulation usually backfires for the dreamer.