Styling Your Dream Residence

If a hen flies into your house, it’s unhealthy luck, or a nasty sign. You must name a shaman to fix it. Or if attainable, catch it and prepare dinner it for dinner.

Inexperienced symbolizes progress, optimistic change, therapeutic and peace. Seeing inexperienced in your dream could recommend or symbolize your efforts to establish your independence or acquire personal recognition. It is superb how sturdy these unresolved points may be. They refuse to die. They’ll hang-out us until we lastly face them as soon as and for all. Alternatively, this dream could have a positive effect on the dreamer and help them realize that something needs to be put to relaxation once and for all.

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Sorry Komal. It’s totally onerous to know what you are asking as there isn’t a punctuation and I am unsure if your mom additionally had a dream, if your fiance requested you to marry you in real life, or in case your mom was completely satisfied in your dream. So what stance will you’re taking when America elects a president after Barack Obama? Your incredibly specific beliefs on this assumption aren’t any completely different to me than the assumptions of Harold Tenting.