Is Binghamton, New York, The Sad Story Of Small City America?

For centuries, castles have held a peculiar kind of sway over imaginative folks. We forget that they have been originally built as fortresses, not merely things of beauty. To our trendy minds, they’re extravagantly arrayed in all manner of issues irrelevant to protection from a sieging army. The turrets, towers, arched doorways, and the intricately carved gargoyles are all linked to maidens and knights and lords and dragons, betrayals and romances, births and deaths, war and peace. Most of the castles around Europe would still be in nice situation if it weren’t for the sieges they have endured and the catapulted boulders their walls have withstood. They had been built to last hundreds of years, into our generation and beyond.

The pure setting of the area is huge advantage few other locations are blessed with. Rolling foothills, reduce by intermittent little streams, spring green in Could and burst with earth …


Is Binghamton, New York, The Unhappy Story Of Small Town America?

My fifth novel is set in Binghamton in 1965 and 1966. It was a critical time in America and in our little city, which was simply beginning its lengthy, slow decline.

Craftsman homes appeared first appeared in the early 1900’s. Developed and designed by Gustav Stickley, Craftsman homes were an unique concept of housing for these fortunate sufficient to have the ability to afford to construct a new house. Primitive and tiny by right now’s standards, most Craftsman homes had only one rest room. Some even had an icebox that opened to the skin so the ice delivery man may refill it with out entering the house!

One funny storey of my shoplifting days was when i was about 9 and I noticed this poster i needed of my fav singer and it was rolled up and really long, so i stuffed it all the way in which down my …