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Power Tools- This is How You Pick Air Compressors Air compressors are very important power tools around the home and place of business. At your residence, you can use them for inflating various goods and tires, and in staplers and brad guns. You can also use air compressors at your business premises to power roadside repair tools, paint sprayers, impact wrenches, and nail-guns. You will notice a multitude of manufacturer specifications when shopping for an air compressor. Some of the technical details included are PSI, HP, gallon, CFM, and dB. With these details, a buyer can pick the wrong air compressor after wrongfully thinking that the best device is the one with the highest of these values. It is only when you seek professional advice and critically evaluate the purpose of the air compressor that you can make an appropriate choice. The most critical of the specifications is CFM. The speed of your air compressor is determined by this aspect, which represents cubic feet per minute. Also; it symbolizes the available power on your device and the number of tools that you can possibly run.
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The size of tank on the device you pick influences its performance. Tank sizes usually range between 6 and 500 liters, making it necessary to first evaluate the type of work that you will be carrying out before making a selection.
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If you wish to free yourself from maintenance tasks, an oil-less compressor is an ideal choice. On the other hand, you can get a device that operates quietly and offers the desired output if you opt for an oil air compressor , but you have to carry out frequent maintenance and get to deal with various contaminants from time to time. Since air compressors can be portable or stationary, you need to give thought to factors like the type of work you will put the device to when making your selection. If you need the compressor for a commercial or industrial setting, a stationary device is most appropriate because it will not experience a lot of movements. Some of the features you will find in portable air compressors are meant to make them easily movable and lightweight, making them perfect for small workshops and homes. Among the types that are common on the market are wheelbarrow, pancake, hot dog, and twin-stack. Fuel availability and preference will be considerations you need to keep in mind when picking air compressors. You have the option of gas or electric-powered air compressors. An electric air compressor is most desirable in enclosed environments because it doesn’t emit fumes, which is unlike its gas counterpart that has to be operated in an open setting. Also, the cost of either fuel type needs consideration, especially if you use air compressors a lot in your daily operations.