Thinking About a Man Cave

I have been thinking about this for a good while, mainly because we have an unfinished basement which is perfect for a really nice home theater room. The question is if you can do a great job for a reasonable price. Obviously we still have our obligations and nearly all of them come in front of this sort of fun. I have to wait to see the Cyber Monday TV deals for 2016 to see what is up for offer. I am thinking that the smallest screen size that I would be looking for is around fifty inches. That is really big and I think that you could easily hope to find a new set with some of the latest features for around eight hundred dollars. It is not going to be the best set in the world, that is probably something that has all of the really bleeding edge tech in it. You have to do the home work and figure out what is your priority.

I think that 4K resolution is really cool, but there are a couple of issues. The first thing is that there is not much media available that lets you use it. Of course the signal from the cable company is in 720p and the only way to get 4k broadcasts is probably to get Direct TV, which would be a problem with all of the trees in the proximity of my house. I had it a long time ago and it did not work that well in certain conditions, although I loved it otherwise. At any rate you would definitely want a TV that was connected to your wi fi network. In fact I assume that nearly all new sets are going to have that, since people are going to expect to use their sets on media from the PC.