Trainers – Six of the Best for Netball

Netball is a growing sport, and according to statistics from England Netball, more people than ever are playing it. Manufacturers are taking note by introducing clever footwear designed to support the short, sharp movements a netball player makes.

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‘Regular’ trainers are all right, but opting for specialist versions will help prevent knee and ankle injuries.

1. Mizuno Wave Stealth 4 NB

A great netball all-rounder – strong and powerful, they support you with movement in any direction and have outstanding shock-absorption properties. The flex grooves give an excellent grip, so they’re an ideal choice for defence, attack and centres.

2. Mizuno Wave Mirage 2

The second pair of Mizuno’s to make the list, the Wave Mirage 2 is a joy for anyone who’s ever strapped their ankle to provide extra support. There is extra cushioning on the insole and a built-in boot that is very lightweight.

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3. Asics Gel-Pivot 10

Asics is brand that knows what they’re doing when it comes to netball and running shoes. The high sides support the ankle during repeated direction changes, and the gel offers great shock absorption and bounciness to keep your movements light and speedy.

4. Asics Netburner Super 7

Another model from Asics, the Netburner is not cheap and almost twice the price of the Gel-Pivots. Instead, it’s a more sophisticated option, chosen by those playing at least at club level. They look great, and they don’t disappoint. The dual layer of memory foam in the lining makes these arguably the most comfortable netball shoe.

5. New Balance 786 v2

The New Balance model is a sturdy option for defence players and those playing socially; they’re less technical than others in the list, but they’re great for running and jumping.

6. Adidas Stabil X Shoes

The final place goes to Adidas and their lightweight model. They’re a superb choice for indoor play and attacking positions in particular because of their boost conditioning that helps with dodges and energetic play. Neon stripes make them look super stylish too.

For more suggestions for picking the right trainers for netball, visit Play Netball. Pick a Netball Drill Video from specialists like to help you work on specific elements of your game.

Trainers are important, but becoming a decent netball player takes skill, fitness and a commitment to learn.