Victorian Home Plans

Ramblers provide the comfort of one degree dwelling.¬†Everything is accessible from one ground. You’ll be able to break up the master suite from different bedrooms or cluster them on one wing of your private home.

Your house sounds very similar to one I know of in Michigan, that, as I perceive it, additionally has the same flooring plan and room sizes because the No. one hundred ten, but a couple of things, like window sizes and number of home windows, are completely different, and the front porch is as you describe yours. It additionally seems to probably date from earlier than 1900, however there isn’t a particular document of the construct date. Additionally, that one, and another that I have seen in McKeesport, PA (I think?), have a taller space above the entrance porch – large enough to accommodate full-sized home windows, which the dimensions of that space of the Silverdale/a hundred and ten, couldn’t.

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This photograph shows the condition of the roof when we bought the property. Elaine referred to as in a couple of roofing firms that specialize in outdated, standing seam, metal roof repair, and both estimates had been in excess of $50,000. That was too stiff for our budget. As you’ll be able to see, the roof on the principle house is in higher situation than the rear. That is most likely because it’s older.

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