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Using Interior Plantation Shutters in Your Home Design Completing a long term design project is always a relief, but before you get to that final sigh of relief, you and your team of designers have to decide on what kind of window treatments to hang in the home. From blinds to curtains and everything in between, there is seemingly no end to what you can come up with in the form of window treatments. With all the diverse desires when it comes to style of window treatments, it’s good to stick with something fairly neutral but with a high-end look, and that can easily be found in interior plantation shutters. If you surveyed a group of people, their most frequently mentioned criteria for any type of window treatment would be that they wish for adequate privacy from whatever window treatment is chosen. Blinds or shades are seen in many local homes, and there is a purpose there; people love their privacy and like to feel secure in their own homes. You don’t have to stick with traditional blinds, though, as interior plantation shutters work just as well at shutting out the outside world. Blinds leave many gaps for both light and eyes to come through, but plantation shutters are actually built in, eliminating these gaps between window treatment and window frame. Interior plantation shutters are also simple and quick to open and close, without the possibilities of tangles or of blinds getting caught crooked, or falling down completely. Secondly, interior plantation shutters are superior from an aesthetic perspective. Even thick wood blinds can degrade overtime and quickly become crooked, and occasionally a blind will come out leaving a gap in your privacy and the look of the blinds. Since they come in one or two pieces, plantation shutters don’t really have the problem of coming apart. Also, due to their design they are far easier to clean than traditional blinds, and don’t need vacuuming like a curtain would. Interior plantation shutters are fabulous to look at.
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Lastly, interior plantation shutters are more cost-effective, even if they cost more initially. Blinds can need replaced on a regular basis, but plantation shutters do not need to be. As anyone who has had blinds can attest, their plastic and wood can snap easily. Now, it is possible to buy interior plantation shutters made out of materials like vinyl or composite woods materials that have even more longevity and are easy to clean with a variety of cleaning products that won’t stain or discolor your product. This keeps them looking just like the day you bought them for decades to come.
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For something durable and attractive that will certainly appeal to the masses, make sure to choose interior plantation shutters. With a put together look and ease of cleaning, interior plantation shutters are ideal for homes of all styles and people of all backgrounds.