Why Women Love Bad Guys

A guy may be categorized in two ways. Either he is extremely honest and good or he has bad reputation. The most interesting fact is that these bad guys seem hot. They often share common traits. They are inattentive, inconsiderate, cocky, and unfeeling. However, most women have a very high focus on those guys. The guys with negative reputation seem cool and attractive to lots of women. Perhaps, such women want to achieve something unachievable or they want to take a challenge and grab such guy’s heart. http://maturedating.online/ is a reputable site with lots of good guys, but women like the bad ones because :

Personality of a good boy does not appear to be genuine

No one can always be good if they are not a saint. Some women think that good guys just pretend to be extremely nice. Thus, women tend not to trust them.

No self-esteem in good guys

No one likes doormats. Good guys never set any limitations and never demand anything from their girlfriends. And bad guys often show strong character and willpower. Some women prefer guys who are always in control, have their own opinions, and are not afraid to be leaders.

Sex more enjoyable with bad men

This point relates to the looks of bad guys. The research has proved that women try to evaluate their potential partners by observing their masculine features. Guys who have square shaped jaws along with distinct eyebrows may not be able to sustain their relationships for a long period. On the other hand, those who have feminine features, like round face, will perhaps be able to create long-term relationship. In spite of the presence of negative qualities, some women choose the men who look perfectly masculine.

Love Bad Guys

A desire to have a thrill

Some women want to do something that is against the wishes of their parents in order to break  the set rules. Some guys look like ideal gentlemen and they are also studious. Women may like these guys, however, still, they try to look for someone who will not be approved by their parents.

Bad men – more in number

This is also a reason why many women have a preference for bad boys. The masculinity in vast part of the culture and society is quite toxic. A study has also found out that the tendency for narcissism has become higher in case of men. This indicates that the number of bad boys is bigger than that of the good ones. Thus, the probability that a woman will meet one of those guys is higher.

Nice boys are quite predictable

This predictability causes women to feel bored. Most women want to meet men who are erratic and exciting. Having a relationship with a bad guy is a challenge which is always accepted gladly by a woman.

So, these are the possible reasons why bad boys are preferred more by the women. If you are looking for some good guys, you can look through dating websites.