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What Are The Benefits Of Using Plantation Shutters?

Since the 19th century, plantation shutters have been long used in the US and even today, they’re still quite popular. The truth is, these shutters have become a classic and no matter what your home design is, you can be sure that these shutters can complement it.

These kinds of window coverings are safe for children than other options available, offering unmatched durability and versatility, protect your furniture and carpets and providing better energy savings. In other words, plantation shutters stay as one of the most beautiful and at the same time, most functional treatment that you can get on the market and you should consider them for your house in order to enjoy all benefits it has to offer.

Protect carpets, furniture and children – these shutters are basically the safer options compared to mini blinds, drapes and curtains as they can operate even without the use of strings or dangling cords in which children may get tangled up. As for families who have small children in their house, they’ll never need to worry that their babies will be caught in this situation.

Also, these treatments protect not only your family but your home furnishings as well. UV radiation that comes from excess sunlight can cause damage and fading of furniture, tapestries and carpets. Adjusting the slats of the shutters let you limit the amount of direct sunlight that streams in your house.

Function, durability and versatility – the beauty of these window treatments is that, they can be made in line with your specifications in synthetic or natural materials. They can be structured as well to cover any size or kind of window, even the custom shaped ones actually. No matter what composition they have, their simple designs can make them easy to clean and be resistant to eventual deterioration that’s common with blinds, curtains and drapes. Plantation shutters are offering optimal light control too as they allow sufficient amount of light to enter and provide better ambient light reflection while being able to maintain privacy.

Energy savings – most of the heating bills have added huge expense due to wasted energy that is escaping from doors and windows. As a matter of fact, the window glass alone isn’t a thick barrier against outdoor temperature. And due to the reason that they have low insulation, it is just common to see some drafts around the windows. You will not be overworking your HVAC, and the air between shutters and your house can provide a better insulation.

The numerous benefits of using plantation shutters are without a doubt a great investment for your house. They’ve proven itself to endure the test of time while offering most uniform and attractive look for homes.